Monday, November 24, 2008

Why I Love Trader Joe's

While getting carded as I went to purchase a bottle of wine (and a cartload of awesome Trader Joe's snackity-snacks) a couple days after my birthday, the cashier noticed the date on my driver's license, wished me a happy birthday, and plopped this bouquet on top of my groceries. Totally brightened my day, which was subsequently darkened when I locked my keys inside my car (a car which, I must say, is probably entirely deserving of its own post, and which will probably receive it).

And yes, the flowers are being displayed in Tupperware. I do not own a vase. Shut up.


Angela said...

This is lovely. Trader Joe's is good folks.

However, you (conveniently?) neglected to mention that you'd left the car ON with the keys locked inside. Smooth move. At least you still made it to your party.

Anna said...

wow tessa fail with the car.
and yes to the trader joes thats amazing!
i love them.
was mr free flower man cute? is that policy at the joes or did he have a bad case of the hubbas?

Tessa said...

He was not terribly cute, no. But evidently he thought I was, at least enough to warrant a free bouquet!