Tuesday, July 15, 2008


In which I subject you, dear reader (viewer? surveyor? spectator?), to things I draw and write and collect and share for your reading (viewing? surveying? spectat--ok, that's not a word) pleasure.


Anonymous said...

i hate it when you read a whole blog and then find out how lame the ending is. yeah, i fucking noticed there would be drawings and things you wrote! it was going so well, but ends on this totally weak post, which is even weaker than all the times you said you would keep posting!

(had to read your blog for english class, i'm in 8th grade)

Tessa said...

This was actually the first post on the blog; you read it backwards. I blog at http://repulsiveinteractions.tumblr.com/ now.

I'm curious about how you landed on my blog. What was your assignment?