Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things I Routinely Fantasize About

-watching The Ten Commandments while snuggling with an adorable puppy

-riding a dinosaur while eating cotton candy

-going on a fishing trip with Karl Lagerfeld

-being in a convent and writing dirty letters adorned with dinosaur stickers to my secret lover

-being best friends with a sharkity-shark for a day and subsequently getting eaten

-the RZA being my next-door neighbor

-Sid Vicious and Pam Grier as my shoulder Devil and Angel, respectively

-being old and sitting on my porch and yelling at kids

-having a servant whose only jobs are to give me popsicles and make me toast whenever I want


Angela said...

Angela Woodside likes this.

Anna Strain said...

this made me miss you so so SO much