Monday, June 15, 2009

News On The BillPullman Front

Text I received at 11:28 AM yesterday from my dear friend (and loyal reader of this here blawg) Angela:


And then at 11:34:

"I am currently sitting in the seat just vacated by Bill Pullman's ass."

Jealousy? Barely scratches the surface.

Also, if you have been wondering why I write his name as one word, it's because that's how I like to pronounce it. Also with diminished enunciation, so basically when I talk about him I sound like an 8-year-old talking about Joe Jonas, although obviously BillPullman and I have a more mature relationship (Read: it started as an ironic joke, and now it's a sincere joke. I think. Actually, I really have no idea. It's confusing even for me).


Manta said...

Wooo! I got a nod on your blog!

Also, when did the BillPullman thing start? Or why? I was trying to explain it to my mom, about how it started as a joke but became something...more.

Anna said...


Tessa said...

I think it was when I realized that BillPullman was probably too boring to have any rabid fans, and thus I decided it was my duty to become one. And yes, I think "Newsies" was a part of that decision. Also that phase I had at the age of 11 where I was convinced that he was in every movie.

Manta said...