Sunday, July 5, 2009

In A Fit Of July

Venn Diagram Day '09 was an unqualified success!

Try this game at your next Venn Diagram Day celebration:

Have everyone write an assortment of nouns on little slips of paper. Each person then draws two out of the pile and has to make a Venn Diagram of those two words. Hilarity ensues!

Other fun Venn Diagram Day activities:

-Fly a Batman kite while listening to the theme from Batman!
-Do Jazzercise in the park!
-Make an unintentionally erotic-looking Venn Diagram cake!
-Have your friend make enchiladas for everyone!
-Blow bubbles!
-Go for a swim!
-Watch Jaws!
-Build a Fort of July!

Hope you guys had a great Venn Diagram Day! I sure did.


smathers said...

as this post is the most thorough and fitting commentary on the rules and regulations of Venn Diagram Day (and by that i do mean handy suggestions for celebration) i've linked to your blog

in other words, i'm a big fan of this post
happy Day-after-venn-diagram-day Day

Manta said...

I'm so jealous. All's I did was make a pie and nearly start crying, Tessa-style, when the top crust landed a little over halfway across the the shape of my failures.

Dan Shapiro said...

At the camp that I work at, July 4th is the Rubber Chicken's Birthday. Ask anyone.