Friday, July 31, 2009

Things I'm Going To Miss About My House

I'm moving out of the ol' crack den, and into another town house with an identical floor plan. And yet here are the things I will miss (in no particular order):

1) Wacky dance parties at night in a well-illuminated room in front of the window.

2) The ghost.

3) The decorations (i.e. portraits of first ladies, tapestry of dogs playing pool, creepy painting of a child).

4) Two ant farms, no ants.

5) The fear that I am turning into one or both of the Edies from Grey Gardens.

6) Anti-gravity crate.


Dan Shapiro said...

If you're doing a moving sale, I've got dibs on the anti-gravity crate - whatever that may be.

Tessa said...

Too late, we already moved. No more stuff to sell. You're not missing much though, the anti-gravity crate was mostly to prevent you from hitting the ceiling in the anti-gravity pocket in the living room.

Anna said...

It's ok, there's still the nightmare on elm street ghost in los angeles.